If this is your first time on the community site, you’ll need to register. The register link is on the top left of the screen.  If you have already registered, the login link is there too.

When you register, there are just a few requirements:

  • Username – This is all lower case. It has to be unique. We’ll let you know.
  • Email – We’ll send your registration confirmation here.
  • Password – You have to enter it twice.  Pretty standard.
  • Status – Defaults to active. If you want to stop volunteering, just change it to inactive.
  • Membership Confirmation – Confirm that you’re a member of Narcotics Anonymous. Only NA members can be trusted servants.

After you click the   button, we’ll send you an email with a confirmation link.  If it doesn’t show up in a few minutes check your junk mail folder sometimes it shows up there.

Your profile describes you and your service interests. You can update your name, password, service interests and contact information. You can also decide how much information is viewable and by whom. Although membership to this site is open only to NA members, you are a member when you say you are so please consider any information you post here as publicly accessible.  

We ask you to include your contact information so that we can get ahold of you when volunteer opportunities arise, but you get to decide if you want your address, phone number, or email to be viewable by anyone other than system administrators.

Your profile is found on the upper right corner of the screen.

All the pictures on this site are covered by the Creative Commons license.  The individuals in the photographs are models. Each one has provided permission for their likeness to be used. None of them are NA members as far as anyone knows.

  1. You have to login to the website. This indicates that you’re an NA member, because only NA members can request that events be posted.
  2. On the Events menu there will now be an Option to “Add an Event”. Click that like and fill out the form.  The event is NOT posted immediately. The NA Minnesota webservant will get your request and post your event as soon as possible uusually within 24 hours.
  3. If you do not get an email indicating that the work is completed within 24 hours, please feel free to contact us on the website.

All you have to do is fill out a form right here on the website.  It’s on the Reports Menu under “Update the Meeting List”. You have to be logged into your account as an NA member to see it.

Keep in mind that we only have control over the Minnesota Regional meeting list.  We can’t update meeting lists out there on the internet that belong to third parties.  So if the meeting isn’t updated on your favorite phone app.  You’ll have to contact them directly and ask them to update it. Thanks.

“Our 7th Tradition states that every NA group ought to be fully self-supporting,
declining outside contributions.”

  • Then, go to “Contributions” located within the service community:

  • The donations are made through PayPal.
  • Please specify the area to which you are providing your donation.