Booth Volunteer at Minnesota Prison Transition Fairs

Narcotics Anonymous has been invited to participate in Transition Fairs at Minnesota Correctional Facilities across  Minnesota. These Transition Fairs present opportunities for offenders with 16 months or less to serve. We participate with community contacts for housing, halfway houses, transportation, employment, training and support, and a variety of other exhibiting community resources.  Approximately 300 offenders at the facility are  invited to attend.

Lunch is typically provided to all representatives. Due to security purposes, you will be unable to leave the facility during lunch.

Booth Volunteer Responsibilities

  • Understand NA Public Relations Basics
  • Show up on time and stay for the entire length of the transition fair
  • Engage attendees at the event about NA in Minnesota: where to find us, the services we offer, what NA is and what NA isn’t
  • Follow other procedures as necessary


  • Two or more years clean time
  • Enjoy the benefits of giving of your time and making NA available to addicts who need it


  • All volunteers must be at least 18 years old to enter adult facilities, and at least 21 years old to enter juvenile facilities.
  • All person(s) must submit a completed application, pass a background check, and receive orientation before beginning their duties. This process is repeated on an annual basis.
  • All volunteers must present valid photo identification for each admission to the correctional facility.
  • All person(s) are subject to metal detection to enter a facility. If you have an existing medical reason (with documentation), such as a metal implant, you will be hand-held detected, if you have a Pacemaker or Defibrillator (with documentation) you will be pat searched. If you do not have medical documentation you may not enter the facility.
  • No volunteer can be on an offender’s visiting list in the MN Dept. of Corrections unless approved by the warden or designee.
  • A successful volunteer application does not guarantee acceptance of a volunteer into a facility volunteer program.

MN Region’s Transition Fairs Coordinators:

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