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NA World Services Update

Book project, IDT updates, & membership survey deadline

Hello everyone,

We have a lot to share with you! Keep reading and follow links to learn about…

  • the latest in Spiritual Principle a Day Book Project news,
  • updates to the Issue Discussion Topic workshop materials, and
  • the membership survey’s quickly approaching deadline.

Spiritual Principle a Day news

Advance materials written by NA members around the globe

The Spiritual Principle a Day (SPAD) Book Project is ramping up, and we’re happy for all the advance material we’ve received to date. As in previous book projects, we will rely on members’ writings to provide the raw material for this book. NA communities in Russia, Australia, and Poland have answered the call, and we’ve received writing from workshops and individuals across North America.

We think of the advance material as the fibers we will weave together to create the fabric of each day’s reading. We invite you to submit advance materials in any language. This is the way to affect the book most profoundly. Visit the SPAD webpage (www.na.org/spad) for all the latest information including links for online submission of advance material and workshop tools in several languages.

We’re rolling out more spiritual principles and wrapping up others

The Fellowship has been “spinning wool” related to love, acceptance, unity, or surrender since the World Convention. If you’d like to submit writing on one of these principles, please do so by the end of the year. We will post quotations on twelve more spiritual principles next week. Thanks in advance for workshopping and writing on these and on what’s to come. Check back at www.na.org/spad frequently to stay in the loop on SPAD news.  

New & improved IDT workshop materials     

Issue Discussion Topics (IDT) are intended to provoke meaningful discussions about important subjects. This cycle’s IDTs are:

  • Carrying the NA Message and Making NA Attractive
  • Attracting Members to Service
  • Drug Replacement Therapy (DRT) and Medically Assisted Treatment (MAT) as it
    Relates to NA

We tuned up the workshop materials after some early feedback,. Visit www.na.org/IDT to download tightened-up session profiles and PowerPoints, and please consider planning a workshop with your local service body. Please send the workshop input to worldboard@na.org. Thanks in advance for your feedback and service!

Membership Survey deadline

We gather anonymous data from NA members every three years in order to provide professionals and government agencies with an accurate picture of NA and NA members. Please consider filling out the survey before the 31 December deadline. You can access it from the link at www.na.org/survey.

Thanks for your time and attention.

Yours in service,

World Board

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