Graffetti Wall that reads "Let's Love Our Community"

Welcome to the NA Minnesota Service Community. When you register on this site, new opportunities to carry our message will open up.

When we look at people with significant clean time, we see willingness, certainly.  The ones who stick around will go to any lengths to stay clean, and grow in their recovery.  Part of that is also a willingness to do whatever it takes to carry the message to addicts who still suffer. 

As the saying goes, “Stick with the winners!” and if you want to know where the winners are, they’re right here doing service. They are the ones who have nurtured that seed of willingness into solid commitment. They are the trusted servants.

Join us!

Add, delete or update meeting information. Our meeting list is the single most effective way for addicts to find recovery
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We have plenty of volunteer opportunities if you want to enhance your recovery by giving back what was so freely given to you.

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