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Update from NA World Services

We are writing with news about the Spiritual Principle a Day (SPAD) review drafts and online workshop as well PR Week. We also want to remind members to send us experience with online recovery meetings and NA service.

SPAD Review Drafts

We’ve just posted the third batch of drafts for the Spiritual Principle a Day (SPAD) Book Project. Between now and 10 August 2020, we encourage you to review all or part of what we’ve put together and give us your feedback. Fellowship review and input (R&I) shapes our revisions and will help to set the tone for the remaining entries. Together with the writing that’s being generated by NA communities around the world, your input will help us create a book that truly reflects our Fellowship-wide experience, strength, and hope. 

You’ll find everything you need to participate in R&I at www.na.org/spad –the Spiritual Principle a Day (SPAD) Book Project landing page, including:

  • 60 entries addressing 13 spiritual principles
  • Links to forms for your input
    • An online form for your input on the drafts, one principle at a time
    • A comprehensive form that you can download and print
  • Background on the project, information about how we used material from the Fellowship to develop these entries, and tools for organizing writing and R&I workshops.

Speaking of workshops…

Join us via Zoom on Saturday, 30 May 2020 at 10:00 AM Pacific Daylight Time to collaboratively review the entries on resilience. We’ll read and discuss them together and walk through the options for submitting input. This workshop would be especially appropriate for anyone who may want to host their own R&I workshops. To participate, click here – https://NAWS.zoom.us/j/93863114958 – on that last Saturday of May at 10:00 or find a local phone number here and enter meeting ID 938 6311 4958.

Thanks, in advance, for participating in R&I. The deadline for input on this third batch of R&I is 10 August 2020. Please feel free to send your questions, concerns, or other comments about the R&I process to worldboard@na.org.

PR Week

The second annual PR week is almost upon us!  PR Week is 1-7 June 2020. The 2019 PR Week generated a lot of enthusiasm and was an unqualified success. NAWS received pictures and write-ups from many, various events. This year, many PR enthusiasts may want to take to the internet for PR Week celebrations. Several regions reported their activities will be virtual and two zones will also be holding virtual PR events. Please let us know of your successes by writing to pr@na.org Have fun celebrating PR Week.

Online Recovery Meetings and NA Service

Even before the pandemic shifted most NA meetings and much service activity online, we were planning a continued focus on online recovery meetings. Now NA has been getting a lot of attention from the public because of our effective response to the Covid-related restrictions around the world. We are asking for members to share experiences and best practices with NA recovery meetings and service efforts. What is working for your meetings’ Seventh Tradition collections? What about literature distribution? How are you helping newcomers? We want to hear what is working for you as part of our PR efforts and to help collect information to develop service materials for online meetings. Send your ideas and experience to pr@na.org. If you want to be involved drafting service material, email toolbox@na.org. Thank you for all you do to carry the message!

In service,

Your World Board

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