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NA Members Coordinate on 12-Step Call

Stock image – not actual addicts

Yesterday a member in a Hibbing hospital calls the NA MN helpline. Although volunteers miss his call, he leaves a voicemail. He is 60+ days clean and cannot get to a meeting. He asks that an NA member visit him in the hospital, saying, “I really need this; I need someone to talk me through this.” Voyager Bridging the Gap and trusted servants are contacted and IMMEDIATELY respond! NA members say they will work on this, “We will get someone out there and get him hooked up! Thank you”

The dedication of our members to the still suffering addict is inspirational. I am sharing this, to give us all hope and the example of how our services work. If we practice willingness to take action to the best of our ability, the NA message is shared and the gift of recovery fluorishes in the giver and the recipient!

You can get involved by volunteering for Helpline and Bridging the Gap service NA Minnesota Volunteer Opportunities.  Area Trusted Servants can update trusted servant email lists by sending contact information to NAMinnesota@gmail.com

Thank you Voyager Area trusted servants for effectively carrying the NA message!❤❤❤

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