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MNRSC Statement Regarding in Person Meetings

There are many questions about how we proceed as a fellowship during these uncertain times. The main question seems to be, “Can we still have in person meetings?” It is our understanding that in-person meetings are not an exempted activity under the stay at home order. These gatherings have been restricted in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and protect the most vulnerable members of our society. As trusted servants of Narcotics Anonymous, members of the region do not govern. We can neither encourage nor discourage you from attending in-person meetings. However, we have been informed that there is a stay at home order, and we could be breaking the law if we meet in person.

The Minnesota Region of Narcotics Anonymous is only concerned with serving our groups and the addicts they support. Hence, we have no opinion on outside issues. There are many resources we offer to connect you with other addicts. On this website you will find links to virtual meetings and other NA related information. 

Please stay safe and healthy.

In Loving Service,  

The Minnesota Region of Narcotics Anonymous    


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